In this article, I will go through how to execute the compound back exercises, why they are great exercises, what the pros and cons are, and tips to make the most out of them.

Benefits Of Having Strong Stretch Lats.

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When to stretch For maximum benefit, make sure you.

In today's vi. . Unilateral Fixed Bar Lat Stretch.

Belly lift 5.

. Taught to me by National Champion Olympic lifter James Tatum, this drill really helps to open the shoulders up. 33K subscribers.

. Deep squat with hamstring stretch 2.


If you have a stiff mid-back, this should bring out a good stretch in your spine.

. Lat Band Stretch.

Thoracic Lat Cable Pull Around. Squat Arms Up – In order to stretch your soleus muscles in this pose, you should only lower your hips to the point where you can keep your heels on the ground and your feet can point straight forward.

This should be 2-3/10 discomfort maximum.
Understanding the Lats original sound - Squat University.
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Jul 29, 2021 · 123K views, 1K likes, 32 loves, 15 comments, 247 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Squat University: So you’re trying to improve your lat flexibility with stretches like this or even some soft.

May 12, 2023 · Unilateral Fixed Bar Lat Stretch Those with a bit more flexibility and comfort with lat movements might prefer the Unilateral Fixed Bar Lat Stretch.

class=" fc-falcon">4/5 1. The goal with each and every video is to help you move better in the gym (and in life) decrease. Being such a broad muscle that crosses multiple joints, the latissimus dorsi also acts.

Rather than hanging with both hands, you will only use one hand at a time. . Single-leg RDL 3. Squat and stretch: I assume a deep squat position, then extend my shoulders/thoracic spine up and bring it back down, 3x10, so you’re just working on that overhead reach. While we have 13 exercises and drills listed, you are not required to do all of them. While we have 13 exercises and drills listed, you are not required to do all of them.

Place both hands in an overhand grip on a bar.

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Elevate your foot slightly by placing it on a weight, low block, or weighted plate.


Standing lat stretch; 5.


In the clean, flexibility of the lats and triceps are needed to assume a correct front rack positioning with the elbows up, barbell on the front deltoid, and the full grip on the barbell.